Steve Glazer

D — State Senator, 7th District

Senator Steve Glazer, a Democrat, represents the 7th District, which contains the majority of Contra Costa County and a small part of Alameda County. Steve was elected in a 2015 special election with Govern for California’s support. He is expected to run for reelection in 2020.

Steve began his career in 1978 as an aide to Governor Jerry Brown, worked as a staffer in the State Assembly, consulted on a vast number of campaigns, and served as Councilman and Mayor of Orinda.  Later Steve was appointed to California State University Board of Trustees and in 2012 ran Governor Brown’s successful campaign for Proposition 30. In 2012, Steve earned the enmity of government employee unions for consulting on the election of now-Assemblyman Marc Levine, another GFC-backed elected official.  In 2014 Steve ran for the State Assembly but fell short of the general election.

Since his election to the State Senate, Steve has been a voice for fiscal responsibility and against corruption.  By a large margin he holds the most moderate voting record for a Democrat.  Steve pledged to work across the aisle and has found a partner in Republican Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, a GFC-backed elected official who represents an East Bay district.  Together they have worked to repeal the cap on school reserves and on other bipartisan pieces of legislation.

Steve serves on the Budget and Fiscal Review, Business Professions and Economic Development, Governmental Organization, Human Services, and Insurance Committees in the Senate.  This session, Steve fought unsuccessfully to include a ban on BART strikes in the gas tax measure and for higher safety standards on dental anesthesia. Steve was the only Democrat to vote against the gas tax increase because it didn’t contain a BART Strike Ban. Steve’s courageous vote caused State Senate Leadership to remove him from the Chairmanship of the Governmental Organization Committee. Losing the chairmanship didn’t silence Steve; he refuses to back down from his fight for reform. Along with other GFC State Senators, Steve blocked passage of a ban on county contracting, a bill that would have cost billions and cut services to vulnerable populations.